Social Services Insurance and Not Profit Insurance

Stratum Insurance Agency LLC sells insurance for social services and non-profits in over 30 states.  These organizations often have special needs and special coverage options available to them.  Stratum Insurance Agency works with carriers that offer a wide variety of coverage options and limits with the social services industries in mind.  It is important to work with an agency that has carriers that target these industries. 

Along with insurance options, clients also have access to loss control services.  While these vary by carrier, they provide a valuable resource to help both non-profits, for profits, and other social services to protect themselves.  Many clients have access to a loss control hotline, so that they can speak with a consultant.  Sample claims lists are available on the site as well.  

Why Choose Stratum Insurance Agency as your agent?

  • We work to find the right insurance product based on the industry.
  • Broad coverage options and endorsements are available.
  • Fundraiser coverage is available on most policies.

 The following is a partial list of the classes of business that Stratum Insurance Agency, LLC sells insurance:  

  • Affordable Housing
  • Alcohol/Drug Counseling
  • Associations for Retarded Citizens (ARCs)
  • Battered Victims Shelters
  • Behavioral Treatment
  • Blind/Visually Impaired Services 
  • Boys & Girls Clubs 
  • Business & Citizenship Programs 
  • Camps
  • Career & Vocational Counseling 
  • Charitable Organizations Fundraising Organizations
  • Child & Family Services 
  • Child Abuse Information & Treatment 
  • Community & Business Advocacy 
  • Community Action Centers (CACs) 
  • Community Centers 
  • Community Coalitions 
  • Community Improvement 
  • Congregate Meals 
  • Counseling & Treatment Centers (Post Detox) 
  • Counseling Programs 
  • Crisis Centers 
  • Deaf/Hearing Impaired Services 
  • Disability Services 
  • Divorce Counseling 
  • Drug Abuse & Addiction Information 
  • Emergency Shelters 
  • Employee Training Services 
  • Ethnic/Immigrant Services 
  • Family Counseling 
  • Food Banks 
  • Food Distribution 
  • Food Pantries 
  • Funding Organizations 
  • General Family Services 
  • Goodwill Stores 
  • Grant Making Organizations 
  • Grief Counseling 
  • Group Homes 
  • Group Residential 
  • Halfway Homes 
  • Homeless Shelters 
  • Housing Support – Senior Citizens 
  • Housing for Retired Clergy 
  • Human Service Organizations 
  • Low Income Housing 
  • MRDD Rehabilitation Services 
  • Marriage & Family Counseling 
  • Mental Health Services 
  • Neighborhood Multi Service Centers 
  • Nutrition Programs 
  • Orphanages 
  • Outreach Programs 
  • Pastoral Counseling 
  • Private Foundations 
  • Professional Societies, Associations 
  • Rape Counseling Services 
  • Refugees & Settlement Services 
  • Rescue Missions 
  • Second-Hand/Thrift Stores 
  • Self-Help for Addicts 
  • Senior Centers
  • Senior Independent Living 
  • Service Leagues 
  • Settlement Housing 
  • Single Parent Agencies / Services 
  • Smoker’s Information & Treatment 
  • Social Service Organizations 
  • Soup Kitchens 
  • Stress Management 
  • Subsidized Housing 
  • Support Groups 
  • Supportive Housing 
  • Temporary Housing
  • Temporary Relief Services
  • Transitional Housing
  • United Fund Councils
  • United Way
  • Urban Leagues
  • Women’s Crisis Services
  • Women’s Shelters
  • Youth Centers
  • Youth Clubs
  • Youth Counseling
  • Youth Development Programs 

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