Food Truck Insurance and Food Cart Insurance, Concessionaire Insurance, Kiosk Insurance

Food Truck Insurance and Food Cart Insurance, Concessionaire Insurance, Kiosk Insurance

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While food trucks and food carts have been around for some time, there has been a recent spike interest in these industries by both diners and business owners.  As with any business, the owners of mobile food services, including both trucks and kiosks, need to protect themselves and their businesses.  While restaurants face many potential claims each day, catering trucks and mobile kiosks find themselves facing additional potential perils, for which different types of insurance is needed.Here are a few risks to consider:

  • Auto accidents in a large truck.
  • Food poisoning.
  • Slip and fall risks around a parked truck or kiosk.
  • The extra equipment that could be damaged in your truck in an accident.

Naturally, each business is unique, and the following list of insurance contains only several of the available options for this industry.  Thus, it is important to review your business in detail with your insurance agent to determine which coverages are right for you. There are several types of insurance that a food truck or kiosk needs to consider.

  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Business Personal Property an Inland Marine Insurance

Commercial auto insurance is auto insurance designed for vehicles that are used in the course of a business.  Be careful of only purchasing a personal auto insurance with “business usage” listed, as the terms of the commercial auto insurance and personal auto insurance policies differ.  Generally speaking, a commercial policy often offer higher limits of insurance, allows for modified trucks, and permits different types of usage and travel radius. A catering truck is generally larger and has heavy modifications, which creates the need to extra coverage.  You probably invested a lot in your truck, so you should protect it.  In addition, make sure to confirm with your local and state governments regarding the insurance requirements in the areas where you will be working, as these can vary greatly.
General liability insurance is a policy that offers several specific coverages, served up a la carte, where your start with several coverages and have the option to choose additional coverages to add.

Why do you need General Liability Insurance?
Simply put, the commercial auto policy is only one piece of the puzzle.  What will protect you when you have parked the truck, opened up shop, and perhaps even set up tables? These policies often include protection from claims that arise from bodily injury and property damage, as well as the products that you sell.  When reviewing quotes, you should make sure that, among other things, you have coverage for your products, because this is excluded from some policies.

Stationary kiosks, food carts, and catering trucks need this coverage, but we see too many go without it.  Often, you will find that property managers or landlords ask you to provide a certificate of insurance to show that you have the coverages that they require for you to work at their locations.Business property coverage is an additional option on a general liability policy.  If you have equipment to protect that is not permanently mounted to the truck and covered under the commercial auto policy, you should consider this coverage.  If you have items that you tow, such as a barbeque or smoker, you want to protect it as well.  Remember, while you might have coverage for liability risks while towing your smoker, there is generally no coverage for damage to it or a total loss.Here are a few questions to ask when buying insurance:

  • Am I protected when I get into a car accident?
  • Does my insurance allow for a mobile business?
  • Do I have coverage for food poisoning claims?
  • What if the truck is stolen or vandalized?
  • Do I tow items that need special coverage?

It is important to work with an insurance agency that understands the needs of your industry.  Many insurance agents sell insurance for more traditional restaurants and food services. Insurance policies can be tailored to your needs, so make sure to present all of the aspects of your business to your agent so that he or she can find you the proper policy for your needs.Stratum Insurance Agency LLC is licensed to sell insurance in over 35 states and has a passion for unique industries, such as mobile businesses.  The agency has a focus on small businesses and start ups.

By working with multiple insurance carriers around the country, the agency is able to help businesses grow as they take on new risks.  Loss control services and publications are also available to help business owners reduce risk.  From general liability to crime insurance and cyber liability, they will work to help you find the balance of price and coverage that you need.

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