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SR22 Insurance Quotes are available quickly and easy by submitting a request at or by calling 949-270-0609 (all other states).

Stratum Insurance Agency LLC announces a new site for 2012 for drivers in need of SR22 Filings for their insurance.  Stratum has been serving the auto insurance community for many years, and this new site is here to help drivers with a specific need for an SR22 filing in almost every state in the US. is your source for insurance quotes and information on SR22 filings.

Insurance with an SR22  is something that is general required for drivers with a:

  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI) ,
  • Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), or
  • Operating Vehicle While Intoxicated (OVWI).
  • Operating Under the Influence (OUI)

An SR22 is generally required of drivers who have these violations in those states. Fortunately, we can help clients whether or not you live in these states.  If you receive one of these violations in any of 40 states, we can help with your SR22 filings.

In some cases an SR22 filing may be required for receiving a ticket or being in an accident while driving without insurance.

What makes us different? We are an insurance agency!

As an independent insurance agency, we work with many top-rated insurance carriers to help you find a great combination of price and coverage for your needs.   We are an agency that works for you and does NOT sell your information to other agents, like so many websites do. We are Stratum Insurance Agency LLC, and our team wants to help you find great insurance at a great price.

Our team understands that having a DUI, DWI, or tough to manage situations is already a difficult part of life, which is why we work hard to make this part of life a little easier.  Unlike some agencies that only work with clients with spotless records, we want to stick by you through the good times and the tough times.  As your driving record clears up, we can compare rates of even more companies.  Of course, we are also happy to help you with your homeowners, renters, or condo insurance as well.  If you have a boat or motorcycle, just let us know.

Insurance ID cards and proof of insurance can often be sent in the same day through our electronic delivery system.

Insurance Discounts are available, even with a DUI or multiple tickets (they vary by location).  When you work with a member of our team, we will work to find discounts that apply to your situation.  Remember the advance purchase discount, which is available in many states.  Purchasing a policy 2 to 7 days in advance can help reduce the price for you.

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Useful Insurance Links for SR22 Filings, FR44 Filings, and auto insurance:

The terms “sr22 insurance” and “fr44 insurance”, much like “dui insurance”, are used by the general public, but are not official types of insurance.  Our agency helps with auto insurance for people who have a DUI or DWI on their records, as well as adding an SR22 or FR44 Filing to the insurance policy.  When you contact us, we can help explain in better detail what these terms mean.


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