Ohio Educational Therapist Insurance, General Liability, Professional Liability

Ohio Educational Therapist Insurance

Stratum Insurance Agency LLC can help Ohio Educational Therapists with insurance as well as over 40 states with general liability insurance, professional liability insurance and more. A variety of counselors, therapists, and other professionals can request quotes here. and Quotes are available by phone at 330-408-1111 or online at the link for Ohio Educational Therapists Insurance.  Ohio Tutors are also eligible for quotes, as both home-based and office businesses.

If you have been having trouble finding insurance as an education therapist because you find that people

Two Types of Insurance are often included in the Ohio Educational Therapist Quote (options may vary by policy and or location):

  • General Liability Insurance – to protect against claims from bodily injury or property damage.
  • Professional Liability Insurance (Errors and Omissions) – to protect you in the event of a claim that arises from a professional service that you perform.

Policies with just general liability insurance or professional liability are available as well.  Additional coverages such as coverage for allegations of abuse and molestation as well as assault and battery coverage may be available on the same quote.

Do I need both types of insurance – Professional Liability (E&O) and General Liability?

Yes, in many cases. In these professions, the lines of general liability and professional liability (E & O) may be blurred, so it is important to purchase both coverages to protect yourself adequately. As only you know your entire financial and business situation, you should consider the many types of insurance available.  Due to the nature of the professions, general liability coverage may not be enough to cover bodily injuries that may occur, thus professional liability (E&O Insurance) is also highly recommended and can be added to most quotes.

Other Types of Coverage that may be  Available in Ohio (this is only a partial list, many other options are available):

  • Business personal property and equipment coverage (for your beauty tools)
  • Coverage for equipment and tools off the premises
  • Data Breach Coverage
  • Non-owned / Hired Autos
  • Employee Dishonesty Coverage
  • Money and Securities Coverage
  • Building Coverage – if you own or are legally responsible for a building

Sample claims are available, simply contact us at a method below for more information.

Are quotes available in other states?

Yes! Quotes are available in over 44 states with for many types of coverage.  Payment plans are available on most quotes, including bill by mail and automatic checking account deduction.

Request an Ohio Education Therapist Insurance Quote

We also sell insurance for many other professions at: www.stratumins.com/business/

What about my personal insurance in Ohio or other states?

Our team would love to be your personal insurance agency as well.  You can request quotes for many types of personal insurance at http://www.stratumins.com.  Quotes are available for homeowners and renters insurance, as well as auto, cycle, and watercraft insurance,

Same Day Quotes are Available in Most States

* Not all products marketed in all states. Coverage options may vary by
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