New Options for Personal and Business Insurance at Stratum Insurance Agency LLC

Exciting new things are coming to Stratum Insurance Agency LLC.  If you are wondering why you have not seen a lot of new announcement in September, it’s simply because have lined up a lot of news for October.  Here’s a preview of what is to come.

Personal Insurance —  Our country is comprised of many states, each with their own rules, traditions, and from our point of view, options for insurance. We are adding more quote options for auto insurance in 10 states.  Of course, we can help with auto insurance in almost every state in the country, except 3 (do you know which ones?), but we are working to bring more options for clients who have great driving records and difficult to insure records.  We just added a new carrier to several states in September, and are planning to add more in October.

What does this mean for me, the driver, and Stratum’s beloved client?  It means that we can help you find that great balance of price and coverage that meets your needs. We understand that even you and your neighbor might have different insurance needs, which is why we work hard to offer you choices.

Small Business Insurance — Opening a small business is often considered the American dream, which is why Stratum Insurance Agency works to make finding the right combination or insurances to protect your business.  As you have seen on our Small Business Insurance quote request page, we already offer quote options for hundreds of businesses, but we are adding even more!  We understand that many small businesses struggle to find insurance, and that’s why we are here.  From archery store to zoologist, Stratum Insurance Agency is dedicated to the small business.

Stay Tuned!



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