Obedience School and Animal Trainer Insurance

Animal Trainer Insurance – Obedience School Insurance
(Available in over 46 States) 
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Animal trainers and obedience schools need several types of insurance coverages to protect the passions that they have turned into businesses.

Animal Trainers looking for insurance can now easily request a quote online at www.animaltrainerinsurance.com.

There are a large selection of coverage options from which a business can choose, and your team member at Stratum Insurance Agency can help you review the options. Common coverages include:

  • General Liability Insurance
  • Property Coverages
  • Animal Bailee Coverage or Animal Floaters

If you own or a rent a facility for training, you probably also have property to protect, such as computers, furniture, cages, or perhaps a building.

Have you been shopping for insurance for your obedience school or animal training program? Remember, not all insurance policies are created the same.  One valuable reason to work with a professional, such as the team at Stratum, is because there are many optional coverages to review.

Unfortunately, some trainers have only general liability policies, which will not protect them correctly in the event of certain types of claims. For example, do you know which coverage is available for accidental death or escape of an animal?  Let us help you.

Obedience School Workers Compensation Insurance

Businesses that have employees are generally required to purchase workers compensation insurance as well.  In some cases, discounts are available for clients who purchase a combination of general liability, workers comp, or commercial auto insurance.

Mobile trainers are welcome too.  We can help with both your liability insurance and your commercial auto.

Learn more at www.animaltrainerinsurance.com.

Request a quote for Pet Groomer Insurance:

What if you have animal kennel or grooming services?

In most cases, we can add coverage for a kennel or grooming services on the same policy.  Are you looking for doggie day care insurance?  We can help.  Contact Stratum Insurance Agency, LLC for a quote.  Most policies can be set up in the same day.

Stratum Insurance Agency, LLC can quote insurance in more than 46 states, so it is able to help clients from just one location to many.

* Not all products marketed in all states. Coverage options may vary by location. Stratum Insurance Agency, LLC is an independent insurance agency and/or broker (varies by location). No insurance is offered or afforded through this posting. License info at: www.stratumins.com/license.htm

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