Oregon Dance School Insurance and Dance Studio Insurance quotes

Oregon Dance School Insurance and Dance Studio Insurance quotes with Stratum Insurance Agency LLC are easier than the box-step.  It takes two to tango, but it only takes one call or click to get quote.  The easy to use site: http://www.danceschoolinsurance.com/ helps clients in over 45 states obtain quotes. Call 949-270-0609 or click for a quote.

Too often, small business owners find themselves with only general liability policies, when there are many options for dance studios and dance schools.

Why does dance studio insurance require the knowledge of the Small Business Team at Stratum?

The dance business involves more than your average small office.  Ask yourself these questions – does my policy cover injuries to the people who participate in my classes or lessons?  Did you know that some policies do not?  Let us help you find a policy that matches the coverages that you are seeking.

Do you hold special events, performances, or recitals?  Do you rent out your space for birthday parties?  Do you know if your policy covers this?  It’s time to contact us to learn more about the options that we have.

While many insurance options are available, several to consider with your quote for dance studio insurance are:

  • General Liability Insurance & Professional Liability Insurance
  • Business Personal Property Insurance – to cover your equipment and more*
  • Business Income and Extra Expense Coverage
  • Coverage for allegations of Abuse and Molestation.
  • Tenant Improvements and Betterments – protect your investment in the space that you use
  • Glass Coverage (for linear glass/windows), Awning Coverage
  • Property Coverage – coverage for buildings that you own*

Same day quotes are available in over 40 states.  We work with many if it insurance carriers to help you find the type of policy that you are seeking.   Applications can be signed electronically offering the ability to quote and purchase in the same day.

A variety of dance school can be quotes:

  • Latin Dance Styles
  • Youth Dance Groups
  • Classical Dance Schools
  • Hip Hop Dance Studios
  • Ballet and Fine Arts
  • Belly Dancing
  • Traditional Dance, Waltz, and Modern Dance
  • Jazz
  • Pole Dance
  • And More…  Specialty Dance School are Welcome


How to Request a Quote:


Coverage options and availability vary by location and policy.

Request a quote today from Stratum Insurance Agency LLC and see what it is like to have our team work with you. Great service, modern technology, and a friendly team make us different.  We can help small businesses from one owner to thousands of employees .  As you grow, we will build our relationship.

No coverage is issued, implied, or afforded through this posting.  All quotes subject to underwriting.  CA Lic 0e52066

*These are generic minimal definitions, please consult your insurance agent and policy documents for more information. Coverages, options, and policy forms may vary by location and carrier.


Stratum Insurance Agency LLC and Dance Insurance

In 2011, Stratum Insurance Agency announced electronic signatures and applications for dance school and dance studios insurance, including yoga studios, pilates studios, pole dancing studios, pole fitness studios, and more. Faster turn around time from quoting to purchasing helps business owners with limited time who want to receive the same service as some of their larger competitors.

In 2012, Stratum worked to make more options available along with dance insurance quotes. For example, now quotes are available, for mobile dance groups, dance studios that rent their locations out to others when they are not being used, and options for studios that hold special events, such as recitals, or event parties.

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